Terms & Conditions

11b*No bitches in season permitted in the salon.

* If you are unable to attend your appointment please give adequate notice (at least 12 hours) for rebooking or cancellation. Without notice you may have an additional charge added to your next appointment. (£5 small dogs £10 large dogs) If you do not inform me of your cancelation I cannot replace you appointment resulting in lost revenue.
If you are worried you may forget your appointment, please ask and I can ring or text to remind you of your appointment at any time that is convenient for you. Continuous broken appointments (without notice) may result in a non refundable deposit issued upon booking an appointment or a discontinued service.

*Please drop off and collect your dog at the arranged time given. You will have a grace period of 20 mines over the arranged time before unscheduled dog sitting charges could apply. This can be from £10 per hour or the full price of another groom if your dog has prevented the next customer from entry to my salon. I have very limited space for holding dogs as I am a solo groomer without boarding facilities and need the holding kennel for the next appointment, if your dog is occupying a much needed kennel I cannot take in or groom the next dog safely. I can only have 2 dogs in my salon for grooming at any one time (unless they are from the same family and can share kennel space). You will be informed upon booking, the time you will need to collect you dog. The average time for a full groom is approximately 2 hours. Please call me as soon as you realise you may be late, I may be able to rearrange the situation in advance but NEVER without notice.

11a*I will not perform any grooming procedure that causes a dog pain or a level of stress that I think is dangerous for your dog. This includes brushing out a matted coat. I cannot cause unnecessary suffering to your dog for any style purposes. Clipping short is the best thing for your dog as de-matting causes pain, sore skin and a damaged thin coat. letting the coat grow back healthily is the best and kindest way to proceed. To avoid an unwanted short cut it is best to brush the coat regularly. If you cannot successfully keep the knots down for any reason I can help you by providing a free of charge brushing service up to once a week or as necessary. This is not a de-knotting service, it’s a brush through to prevent the knots forming in the first place which should only take a few minutes. The last thing I want is to do is provide a haircut you are unhappy with. If some Procedures are too stressful or painful for your dog I will recommend that these procedures are best left to the care of a Veterinarian.

* Prices can vary due to personal circumstances. Prices are based on breeds and/or size of your dog. Extra work carried out or any extra time needed may result in a price rise of my services. The ‘guild’ price is £15 per hour for extra work carried out. Please inform me upon booking if you think extra work may be needed so that I can book an adequate time slot for the groom or a return to finish appointment will be needed. Feel free to discuss this with me. There are many handy tips and advice I can give you or help you with to avoid this.